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Annual Report

2018 - 2019

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Teachers Are Our Heroes
Year 2018 ended in a meet with a group of 120 teachers representing all Districts of Karnataka that were part of e-Shale schools.

We saw a definite shift in how they were participating in engaging conversations, as opposed to being mere witnesses as technology was intimidating to them initially. This was a confident and a proud community of teachers that were representing thousands of village schools, and had been instrumental in the transformative change in the classroom teaching space.

The shift was in the way information was transacted to children with a wide variety of resources at their fingertips; it was the ease in which they were navigating new spaces and the static classrooms were getting transformed to dynamic learning communities!
Government schools in most villages have been struggling to bring in the required number of teachers, right kind of infrastructure or technology. In many instances, with a little extra income, they were losing their students to their counterparts - Affordable Private Schools in the same village.

We had many case studies and testimonials where the school leadership was talking about the reverse migration. Now, the government schools are the proud owners of ‘Smart Classrooms’ and are becoming a focal point of the community!

e-Patashale initiative was gaining grounds beyond the notion of new technology in their lives, rather the social  impact it had created in hitherto isolated village-school communities.
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